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GR-7 - Siła natury dla Twoich siwych włosów


Gr-7 are products that reverse the process of going grey and bald. They restore natural hair colour and take care of the body’s hormonal balance making new hair grow healthier and stronger.

Well, with the Gr-7 Professional treatment, the active ingredient and herbal blend work together leading to the direct restoration of the natural colour in your hair. This process takes place gradually. So there is no need to think about how to mask or hide grey hair – just start using.

We don’t have a definite answer to this question. For one person it may be 7 days, while another may wait a month to see the effects. It all depends on to what extent your hair is grey and how long ago the process started, as well as on the thickness of your hair, its density or the thickness of the sculp. Hair will not turn grey white or grey in one day (except in situations of extreme stress). By the same token, it will not return to its natural colour in two days. It is a process that must take time. The correct use of Gr-7 products plays a very important role in this.

The greying process generally starts on the temples and only then does the top or back of the head turn grey. Reversing this process is exactly the opposite of greying, i.e. the colour on the top of the head may return more quickly.

The process of returning to natural colour takes place in two phases. The first phase is the restoration of the natural colour.

During this phase, it is recommended to wash hair as infrequently as possible. Apply the product morning and evening without washing your hair for as long as possible. The process of penetration of Gr-7 into the hair shaft  depends on the hair condition itself. If, for example, you have managed not to wash hair for 7 days, then, after another Gr-7 application, repeat the process and refrain from washing hair for a few days. Until achieving the desired result. It is also important to shake the bottle before each application.

In the second phase – when the natural colour returns – you can wash your hair every day and as many times as you want. It is important to apply the elixir 1-2 times a week. After application, do not wash your head for about 8 hours, so it is recommended to apply the product in the evening to wash our head in the morning.

The colour returns gradually. With dye, we get the effect immediately after application, but Gr-7 works gradually and it takes time to notice the effect. After a few days of use, you can already notice the change. The colour of your hair will gradually change from grey to slightly smoky or even yellow. This is a sign to you that the product is working. After that, the hair colour gradually changes back to its natural colour.

If you stop using Gr-7, your hair will start to turn grey again after a period of 3-4 weeks.

One excludes the other. Dye is a strong chemical that destroys the whole effect of Gr-7.

No definite answer is possible here, as everyone may use the product in a different way and everyone has a different degree of hair greying. If someone has had grey hair for 2 years and someone else for 10 years, the effect of Gr-7 will be different. One thing is for sure: even someone who has had grey hair for 20 years will notice that just 1 bottle of the Gr-7 product works, provided that it is used as recommended.

In phase 2, or colour maintenance, one bottle can last up to 2 months or even longer.

Yes, of course. Hair should be at least 1-2 cm long. Then we will be able to see changes.

As a regular customer, you can count on our support in the form of advice and attractive product discounts.

Yes, of course. Our customers tell us that they have got rid of their dandruff. The product moisturises the scalp perfectly.

Of course it is. The product is authorised and, most importantly, has a safety certificate issued by EUROFINS. This certificate entitles the company to sell the product throughout the European Union.

It was tested by an external company. Most of respondents were satisfied with the product. 

Please see the “Contact” tab, listing the countries in which the product is available. In our shop, you can find information on which countries we ship orders directly to.

Unfortunately, facial hair has a different structure and we do not recommend Gr-7 products for facial beards. We have not conducted any relevant research or tests. We know from customer feedback that the product works, but much less effectively. Some say it works at 60%.

We know of several cases where Gr-7 reacted with metals, so we recommend not wearing jewellery during phase 1.

Women’s hair is the same as men’s, so definitely it can. However, it is important to note here that you must not use hair dye. Wait for about two centimetres of roots before starting the treatment so that we can observe the changes

In sets, our products work in a complementary way, as a result of which you can obtain better results. In addition, individual products are cheaper in sets.

Anti-Hair Loss Lotion should be used for a minimum of 6 weeks and a minimum of 3 times a week. We recommend using Complex Hair Support Supplement for 8 weeks, 2 capsules a day.

Yes. That’s why it should be used together with Gr-7 Professional Anti-Grey Hair Lotion once our hair’s natural cover is restored.

Our supplement helps to meet the demand for nutrients that should be supplied with our diet. It provides a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and other substances that have a beneficial impact on our skin and hair.

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