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GR-7 - Siła natury dla Twoich siwych włosów

Effects and action

and action

Effectiveness of GR-7 products.

The effectiveness of our GR-7 has been also confirmed by consumer studies conducted by reputable European companies on a group of men and women. The documentation of these studies is available at our head office.

Products GR-7 and hair dye

Hair dyed with colouring shampoos or traditional dyes has a uniform colour throughout the length of the hair. Using GR-7 Professional, by contrast, allows colour to appear in its natural shades.

Check out the detailed results of a study conducted for EUROFINS, an international certification company.

GR-7 Anti-Hair Loss Rub-in Lotion.

Our professional anti-hair loss rub-in lotion is an effective serum, which gives the best results when used in combination with Complex Hair Support GR-7. When applied on a regular basis, this anti hair loss treatment effectively stops hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

It can be used both for hair problems and as a preventive measure.

If you have hair problems, GR-7 serum is recommended to slow down hair loss caused by stress, physical and mechanical damage or
other external factors, such as seasonal changes. The anti-hair loss rub-in lotion is also used for alopecia caused by physiological factors.

The preventive use of the GR-7 rub-in lotion helps to strengthen hair, add volume, improve hair texture, reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. The positive effects are visible all over the head and last for a long time.

GR-7 Nourishing Shampoo

GR-7 Shampoo is a revolutionary product that moisturises and nourishes hair. It contains only natural ingredients and is formulated to enhance the effect of the full GR-7 product line treatment. The shampoo is 100% BIO.

Its action is based on a unique formula that uses ultra-gentle cleansing properties derived from plant proteins and sugars. This exclusive, natural shampoo moisturises and nourishes your hair. It consists exclusively of natural materials. It is free from ethylene oxide derivatives and artificial fragrances. It does not contain SLS, which makes it gentle for the skin and eyes.

The active ingredients in GR-7 Shampoo have a fundamental role in revitalising and restructuring the hair. In addition, the shampoo moisturises the hair and penetrates the hair structure throughout its length, providing provides conditioning and shine.

GR-7 Natural Nourishing Shampoo not only cleanses your hair effectively, but also improves its condition, protects it against external factors and gives it depth and radiance. You will see that the overall condition and structure of your hair has visibly improved and its natural colour has been kept.

GR-7 Complex Hair Support vitamin complex

GR-7 Complex Hair Support is an innovative hair supplement, which offers comprehensive support from within. This unique formula contains natural ingredients, trace elements and vitamins to make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

Combined with GR-7 Professional, our innovative product for restoring natural colour, our GR-7 Complex Hair Support vitamin complex contributes to a faster recovery of your own hair colour and a greater durability of the restored, natural colour.

In people with hair loss problems, the GR-7 supplement further strengthens the hair bulbs. It can be used as vitamins against hair loss, especially when combined with GR-7 Anti-Hair Loss Rub-in Lotion.

When choosing supplements for hair growth, it is advisable to choose formulas with natural and safe formulation. GR-7 Complex Hair Support contains tested vitamins for hair loss and hair growth. The formula is based on natural vitamins, minerals and compounds derived from nature. The supplement is universal and safe to use for people with different hair and skin types.