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Anti-Grey Hair Treatment

Restore your hair’s natural colour and strengthen its condition

Gr-7 Three-element Anti-Grey Hair Treatment – Anti-Grey Hair + shampoo + supplement

By using an anti-grey treatment, you can expect:

  • resumption of melanin production in your hair
  • stimulated hair follicles, which will restore the natural color
    mobilization of hair follicles
  • acceleration and regulation of hair growth
    hormonal regulation
  • excellent cleansing of hair and scalp
  • first effects already after 7 days

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GR-7 Professional Anti-Grey Hair Lotion

This is the key product of our anti-grey hair treatment. Its innovative formula effectively stimulates the hair bulb and re-stimulates melanin production.

The hair gradually begins to regain its natural colour.

The anti-grey hair lotion is the first step in our treatment and provides a solid foundation for further action.

GR-7 Moisturising & Nourishing Shampoo

Its ultra-gentle cleansing ingredients, derived from plant proteins and sugars, ensure that your hair is effectively cleansed without compromising its structure. In addition, the shampoo maintains the natural colour of your hair obtained with the help of the GR-7 Professional Anti-Grey Hair Lotion.

The shampoo’s active ingredients revitalise and restructure the hair, as well as making them moisturised and shiny.

This second part of the anti-grey treatment takes care of the condition and appearance of your hair.

Give your hair the comprehensive care offered by Gr-7. Enjoy beautiful hair that will soon regain its natural colour and former vigour!


Gr-7 Two-element Hair Loss Treatment – supplement + rub-in lotion


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Gr-7 Three-element Hair Loss Treatment – supplement + shampoo + rub-in lotion


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Gr-7 anti-grey hair lotion


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Complex Hair Support Gr-7


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