GR-7 should be used at least once a day (for faster results you can use in the morning and evening). Changes can be seen after 7 days of use.

Before each use, shake the bottle sharply to mix the contents. Apply a few drops to the base of the gray hair and rub into the dried scalp (not in the hair). Do not wash or dry your hair after using.

Phase one - return. Return to natural hair colour can last from 7 to 21 days depending on the individual structure and condition of the hair and skin thickness. GR-7 should be applied once or twice a day (in the morning and evening). When rubbing (in the first phase) it is advisable to limit the head washing. For quick results we do not wash our heads for the first 4 days of use.

Phase two - maintenance. After regaining your natural colour, apply the liquid once or twice a week to keep the effect and remember to wash your hair at least 12 hours after application. It is recommended to use GR-7 in the evening and to wash hair in the morning next day.

In case of dyed hair, wait for 2 cm of hair follicles.

If it gets into eyes, quickly wash them with water. During treatment, to make GR-7 more effective, it is recommended to: reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, and tto refrain from smoking.

The effects of GR-7 are dependent on the structure and condition of the hair. GR-7 Professional works gradually, and the changes are occurring naturally. 

As it is the case with most cosmetics, it is not recommended to use it in children. It is not allowed to drink the liquid. It can not be combined with hair dyes or other similar substances. No animals suffered in creating GR-7. Store in room temperature.